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Go Up provides one of the highest quality and most practically priced London Link Building Services.

So, you have a beautiful website, jam-packed with incredible, interesting and unique content. Your onsite optimisation is complete, and the Search Engines know what you do, how you do it, and are able to seamlessly crawl your website. What now? Well, two things: Link Building and Social Media.

Google is a link-lover; it just loves those links.

Google sees every link as a vote from the linking website to the linked to website. Let us pretend that the BBC is writing an article about SEO Companies, and in that article interviews a member of the Go Up team, and in that interview includes a link to the Go Up Website. Google Bots will look at that link and say:

"Hmmm. BBC News is a very authoritative, trustworthy site, with millions of readers. We expect these readers to follow this link. If the Go Up website was a really poor quality website, with a bad design and no useful content, these BBC News readers would have a bad user experience and be cross with BBC News. I bet, therefore, that the BBC only links to the best quality websites that will provide their readers with a good user experience. Thus, I bet that this website is a really high quality website, the kind that our searchers love to find in their Search Results."

As a result, not only will you get the many thousands of website views from readers of that article following your link, you will also go up in the search rankings for your keywords terms.

These are the sorts of links that Go Up build: links that are highly researched, relevant, sustainable and, for lack of a better description, bloomin' brilliant. We look at link building as an online PR campaign. We run intensive research before we start every link building program, undertaking a thorough investigation of your business, your industry, your target consumer and your competition. We then use all of this data to pinpoint some of the best possible online locations for your links. These locations usually include Guest Posts, Articles and Content on Blogs, Online Magazines, Newspapers, Websites and Forums.

This is why we believe our SEO Link Building to be some of the best available.

Then there is bad Link Building. These are links that are there only to manipulate Search Engines; that are not there with the intention of anyone actually following them, or to provide any sort of positive user experience. Links from Link Farms and Link Networks, spammy comment blogging and forum blogging, irrelevant paid links, spammy directory and article submissions, to name but a few.

This kind of SEO Link Building is known as spam. Once upon a time it could get you some great results (although Go Up never dipped our toes in that murky water) but nowadays it will just get you into trouble, perhaps giving you some short-term success but almost always resulting in Google Penalties or even delisting.

Links are still an incredibly important part of any SEO campaign, and it is crucial that you do it right. We believe that our service provides some of the best value for money in the UK and would love for you to put us to the test!

For more information about our London Link Building Service, or any other of our incredible services, please give us a call and talk to a member of our very clever, highly helpful team on 0207 871 7662.

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