Meet the Go Up Team

Go Up is only as good as the clever clogs it has at its helm, and we would love for you to come and say ‘hi’. We are very friendly on the phone, but even better in person. Come and see us in Shoreditch. Henry loves visitors too.

Edward Coram James
Chief Executive

Tom Skinner
Managing Director

seo & Digital Marketing
Eilish Hughes
Account Manager

A vegan, peanut butter-lover, who loves finding the niche angles for content. I love feminism, hipster bands, and Taylor Swift. In that order.

Ian Aikman
SEO Editor

A content writer who hopes to be a content writer. Big fan of terrible wordplay. Even bigger fan of trying to be clever in bios.

Charlie Morley
Account Manager

When I’m not diving into a website’s analytics or optimising content I can usually be found chasing a football around or watching others do the same.

Caroline Kloda
Account Manager

Strategic thinker and analyst. Passionate about SEO, conversions and user experience. Always keeping up with the latest industry trends.

James Barber
Head of Strategy

I’m an SEO strategist, passionate about connecting brands with valuable audiences from the obvious to the obscure.

Oliver Stainforth
Head of Content

Go Up’s resident David Attenborough enthusiast, I’m an SEO strategist with a journalism background and a keen eye for quality content.

Nick Gomez
Account Director

A writer and organisation enthusiast who takes pride in helping others to develop, while keeping an eye on all the spinning plates an agency has.

Seetal Rihal
SEO Writer

I love writing the weird stuff, finding new angles & ideas. Typically seen wearing classic band tees and glasses, often at festivals.

Alex Wisgard
SEO Writer

Writer, content and social media planner, journalist, and general SEO person. Enjoys words, music, and most combinations of both.

Matthew Finn
SEO Writer

Content writer with a background in journalism, who loves creating something from nothing. Spend a lot of my free time watching The Beautiful Game.

Joel Burrell
Account Manager

I love all of these things: Football, beautiful music and SEO. In particular, I enjoy staying up to date with the ever evolving SEO landscape.

design & development
Cecilia Redondo-Zaratiegui
Graphic Designer

Graphic Communication background. I take pride in my attention to detail. I love team time and all things Spanish.

Mircea Trancota
Head Developer

I have been developing web for nearly a decade. I love everything tech related and the go to person for any technical queries.

Bahador Katouzian
Head Designer

I specialise in web design, user experience and conversions, alongside playing resident office DJ on Friday afternoons.

David Dozsa

Continuously aim to improve process-oriented development, as well as, leverage latest technologies.

Social Liaison

I’m the unabashed welcoming committee, part time receptionist and social gathering enthusiast at Go Up.