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    About Us

    We are storytellers, creatives, analysts, tech geeks, foodies, music lovers, sports fanatics and so much more. We’re an eclectic bunch, but magic happens when we work together.

    How it all started

    Let’s find out


    From school mates to business partners in an international agency, founders Edward Coram James and Tom Skinner have embarked on a journey of dedication and innovation.

    Tom and Ed, Founders

    After exploring different directions in life and living across the globe from each other, they reconnected when Ed envisioned the potential of SEO, just as Tom was seeking to pursue a more innovative role outside of his traditional agency.

    What started as an intuition about the possibilities and opportunities within search engine optimisation, turned into a headstart on what has become one of the largest and most prominent tools on the internet.

    Our culture is built on the premise that employees should ‘Go Up’ too.

    What makes us

    Our Beliefs

    With a focus on employee wellbeing, continued education, and upward mobility within the company, Go Up’s founders have fostered a culture that supports growth, learning and wellness.

    Employee Wellness

    Continued Education

    Career Development

    Meet the team

    Changing the Game

    Go Up is committed to changing behaviour to help save our planet and aims to drive success for green innovators and other good causes. Find out how our partnership with Forest Green Rovers is helping us to achieve this ambition.

    How we’re doing it

    We do good work with good people, for good people

    Our Clients

    We want to support businesses that are doing good in the world. We aim to champion brands that share our values and inspire those who don’t.

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    Our Team

    Go Up is only as good as the clever clogs it has at its helm.

    Ed Coram-James


    I’ve spent most of my life between California and the UK. Started Go Up with my mate. Love surfing and dogs 🙂

    Tom Skinner

    Managing Director

    After a very short stint in advertising, I started building Go Up with my buddy Ed. Dulwich dweller & whippet lover 🙃

    James Barber

    Head of Strategy

    I’m an SEO strategist, passionate about connecting brands with valuable audiences from the obvious to the obscure 💈

    Cecilia Redondo-Zaratiegui

    Head of UX

    Graphic Communication background. I take pride in my attention to detail. I love team time and all things Spanish 💃

    Oliver Stainforth

    Head of Content & PR

    Go Up’s resident David Attenborough enthusiast, I’m an SEO strategist with a journalism background and a keen eye for quality content ✨

    Amber Wells

    Manager & EPA

    Antiques & interiors aficionado. You’ll find me renovating or at a collectors fair, and I prefer riding to walking! 🦋

    Goncalo Assuncao

    Senior SEO Strategist

    SEO enthusiast with a technical mindset. Loves Football, Premier Fantasy, Fifa and escape to the beach when possible ☕

    Alca Kara

    Senior Account Manager

    Dog lover with marketing background. Passionate about combining creativity and data. Can be found enjoying a book in the park, especially if the sun’s out 🌞

    Sam Moffatt

    Senior Account Executive

    Equal parts football fanatic and foodie, you’ll either find me at a match or an obscure restaurant on the weekend 🌴

    Kazuma Shimizu

    Account Executive

    Jumped into the world of SEO with a love for languages and words, as well as animals, especially cats. 🐹

    Olivia Bennett

    PR Account Director

    A smol Digital PR hun with 5 years expertise in finance, beauty, fashion, and many more. Regularly found telling a yarn with an IPA in hand 🌈

    Pippa Woodruff

    PR Manager

    Driven and energetic PR professional. Can usually be found shopping, watching the latest Louis Theroux documentaries or chasing the sun 🍒

    Fenella Breaks

    Senior PR Executive

    Often found on my kitchen floor praying for my cakes to bake. Obsessed with True Crime until I’m home alone and it’s dark 🌷

    Hanna Farhan

    PR & Content Intern

    Recent graduate with a passion for fitness, wellness, and fashion 🌹

    Sophie Harding

    PR & Content Intern

    Recent Graduate that likes to spend time searching for vintage clothes and studying actors IMDb 🐣

    Kat Francis-Duma

    Senior PR & Content Executive

    I admit to being a helicopter parent to my labradoodle Skye, whom I treat like a toddler, and I adore my job! 🤓


    Motion Detector

    STOP! Don’t move. Usually found chasing a ball. Or the Directors. Or Alfie 👮‍♀️



    Pensive spectator, quietly watching the chaos unfold and ever-tweeting the Dalai Lama 🧘‍♀️


    Squirrel Dispersement Enforcer

    Live Laugh Love. Don’t let squirrels ruin your day 🐿️


    Barketing Manager

    Senior puppy-eye professional with 10+ years of experience. Olympic fetcher with a heart bigger than his ears. Livin’ la vida loca 🎾


    Petwork Technician

    Part-time model, most recently featured in The Guardian. Full-time, a pretty big deal. Side note, the bark does not match the bite 💎

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    “I thought I wanted too much before I started at Go Up: a place to learn, feel appreciated, work in a team that would be there when I made mistakes, especially in the beginning. Luckily, Go Up is much more than what I had in mind.”

    Alca Kara

    SEO Account Manager

    “Coming from Marketing I sidestepped into a role where I knew I could grow at the trajectory that I wanted to. From Office Manager and EA to Marketing Co-ordinator, to Growth Manager – Go Up allowed me the freedom to grow into each of these roles and I still learn something new every day! It always helps when your colleagues are also your mates – until you mention TikTok.”

    Amber Wells

    Growth Manager

    “From being a fresh-faced graduate straight out of university to leading an entire department within 5 years, Go Up has given me countless opportunities to develop and grow within the company. Not only that, but Go Up has cultivated a team culture and office environment that genuinely makes work not feel like work.”

    Oli Stainforth

    Head of Content & Senior SEO Strategist

    “After completing a degree in journalism, I swiftly found the perfect company to kick-start my career in PR and ease my way into the working world. As well as offering all things digital marketing, Go Up likes to mix it up and also offer PR services so companies can have everything in one space – why didn’t I think of this business idea?”

    Fenella Breaks

    PR Assistant

    “Having zero experience working at a digital marketing agency, or even within digital marketing at all, Go Up has exceeded my expectations of what it is like to work with a team full of ambitious and passionate people. The freedom I have of how I want to do my work is a privilege I’ve never had before. I have spent little time here so far – but still have a lot to be thankful for.”

    Tiffany Huang

    Growth Executive

    “Since starting as an intern at Go Up, time has flown by. This is not just because there have been so many great learning opportunities, but also because of the supportive and inclusive team that are always there to help me. As the old saying goes, it’s not where you work, it’s who you work with, and at Go Up, it is among friends.”

    Kazuma Shimizu

    Account Executive

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    We’re on a mission to change the planet for the better by doing good work with good people.

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