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    Our Pricing

    Always competitive, always fair.
    Always focused on delivering you a positive return on investment.

    Tailored work, tailored fees

    No two SEO campaigns should be approached the same way, and it’s for this reason that ‘packages’ are not to be trusted.

    When a potential new client enquires, we meticulously assess their unique requirements to be able to give a fair quote:

    • What are their objectives and are they realistic?
    • Who is their competition in search?
    • Will we be working with a brand new website with little to no authority, or an established site going through its sixth migration with years of accumulated technical debt?
    • Are there short-term wins we’ve identified which require a frontloading of resource?
    • Will we be collaborating with any other internal teams or external partners on the project?

    Due to these nuances of every different campaign, we do not offer “pricing packages” and create bespoke quotes for every enquiry. We will require a phone or in-person consultation before we are able to give you a quote. These are, of course, completely cost and obligation free.

    Our approach to our work focuses on sustainable business growth, and it is in this capacity that we quote for work.

    We believe that every business deserves the best. We look to build long term relationships with all of our clients and have a client retention rate that is the envy of the industry.

    We know ourselves to be one of the most reasonably priced of the top tier agencies, and we will always quote you a fair fee to do the work properly. We’ll also be entirely transparent if we believe you’re better off not using an agency.

    Why not give us a call? Because we have a lot of experience across multiple sectors working with different budgets, we’ll probably be able to give you a ballpark idea of what you might need to invest before we go away and finalise fees.

    Case Studies

    Applying the right resources to the right campaign

    No.1 Living

    Cracking Google Discover and organically generating 55% YTD direct revenue in 3 weeks

    See how we did it

    Trade Nation

    Elevating Trade Nation’s primary ranking position by 4,000% in just 9 months

    See how we did it


    Increasing traffic by 77% and driving on-going customer conversions, despite the impact of COVID-19

    See how we did it

    Pasta Evangelists

    Creating informational resources to drive organic growth, engagement and subscription signups

    See how we did it


    A 306% increase in organic traffic and 4,991% increase in non-branded organic traffic

    See how we did it

    No.1 Living

    Cracking Google Discover and organically generating 55% YTD direct revenue in 3 weeks

    See how we did it

    Trade Nation

    Elevating Trade Nation’s primary ranking position by 4,000% in just 9 months

    See how we did it


    Increasing traffic by 77% and driving on-going customer conversions, despite the impact of COVID-19

    See how we did it

    Pasta Evangelists

    Creating informational resources to drive organic growth, engagement and subscription signups

    See how we did it


    A 306% increase in organic traffic and 4,991% increase in non-branded organic traffic

    See how we did it


    What people ask about our pricing

    Do you have a fixed contract length?

    We believe in flexibility and adaptability, which is why we offer rolling monthly contracts. With a rolling contract, you have the freedom to make changes and adjust your resources as needed.

    In addition to rolling monthly contracts, we also offer fixed-term, project-based contracts. If you have a specific project with a defined timeline, we can discuss and tailor the terms accordingly. This way, you have the option to work on a project-by-project basis, giving you even more control over your commitments.

    Can you work to KPIs?

    We believe in setting realistic, meaningful, and effective goals that align with your business objectives — and being held to account against those KPIs.

    We are typically able to provide KPIs in the fourth month of a campaign at the earliest. This gives us long enough to gather essential data and insights that are crucial for setting accurate and tailored KPIs. We want to ensure that the KPIs we set for you are based on reliable information and provide a clear roadmap for success.

    Are there any additional costs?

    You will not be billed more than the cost of your retainer ex-VAT per month, and we don’t expect there to be any extras.

    On rare occasions, we might recommend that extra budget be released to allow for a higher volume of work. For example, say we were working on a one-off content project that required additional UX input, but we didn’t want the UX input to delay the launch date of that content. In this instance, we might recommend that budget be temporarily increased to cover our increased resource requirements.

    Rest-assured, nothing will be billed that hadn’t first been agreed in writing between both parties. Any additional services that may be added in future — for example, paid media management — would be billed additionally.

    Do you outsource anything?

    Our in-house strategy, PR, content and UX teams will handle approximately 95-99% of the work completed on your account.

    We have a very small network of trusted third party collaborators, many of whom are previous Go Up employees and consistently deliver at the high levels that we expect of our in-house teams.

    I have an in-house team you’d be working with, would that reduce my costs?

    We value the importance of making the best use of your budget and resources. We understand that you may already have talented in-house teams, and we’re more than happy to collaborate with them to achieve optimal results.

    The specific context of how we work with those teams will determine how it influences pricing. This would be discussed as part of your bespoke quote.

    Do you offer pricing packages?

    Not in the traditional sense of the word.

    We don’t believe that successful long-term campaigns can be delivered within the constraints of a pre-agreed ‘package’.

    Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to be able to experiment with resource allocation on a month-by-month basis are always key to successful campaigns.

    That said, we can and do offer ‘projects’. For example, a client might ask us to help them migrate their website to a new CMS. A project like this would have a beginning, middle and end with a pre-agreed list of deliverables, much like a package.
    So, while we don’t offer SEO ‘packages’ that you may see being offered by other SEO practitioners, we offer something far more valuable: a personalised and strategic partnership that is entirely focused on achieving your specific objectives.

    What is your cancellation/notice period?

    Our cancellation/notice period is two full working months. This allows us to ensure a smooth transition and deliver the best possible service until the end of the campaign.

    Simply send us an email requesting that the campaign get wrapped up, and we’ll complete that working month plus two further working months.

    Can we pause rather than cancel?

    Sometimes we allow clients to pause a campaign rather than cancel it. All we ask is that the client confirms in writing the date that they’ll be returning, and that the date is less than 3 calendar months from the last day of the campaign before the pause.

    Just ask for a pause in writing and we’ll work until the end of that working month before starting the pause.


    “Prior to the start of Go Up’s campaign, AnyVan already had high levels of organic traffic coming to the service pages. However, within eighteen months of campaign commencement, this organic traffic had increased by 225%.”

    James Ebdon

    Marketing Director

    “Our partnership with Go Up was a long and successful one. Working with a like-minded, sustainable business was important to both of us, and the astronomic results of the campaign only reinforced the positive impact the agency made”

    Ben Beagley

    Head of Marketing & Bids

    “Go Up has been proven to be a valuable and capable SEO partner. Since the commencement of the campaign we have experienced a steady growth in our organic traffic in the range of 17% – 20%* year over year, and an equal increase in rankings for our main keywords.”

    Lucie Banham


    “Thanks for all your ongoing work with No.1 Living – it’s been great speaking every other Friday and working so calmly and efficiently with Go Up! Here’s to seeing No.1 Living climb up the rankings…”

    Fiona Calcutt

    Marketing Manager

    “Go Up have been a valuable partner to our marketing team, offering a mixture of extensive SEO support and traditional PR. Although they joined us in the beginning of 2020, they passed the stress test of a global pandemic maintaining their usual skill and vigour… They’ve been amazing.”

    Teya Vasileva

    PR & Outreach Manager

    “Go Up have been a vital part of the Hackett digital marketing mix, working as an extension of our team across all areas of SEO from technical fixes to writing regular content. Their SEO strategy and advice has been invaluable for us as we push organic search forwards, and they have taken on board our broader brand and content strategy in order to be aligned with our marketing goals. The team are fantastic to work with and go above and beyond to help out wherever possible.”

    Charlotte Keating

    Digital Marketing Manager

    “Phenomenal progress… It’s very exciting to see search become such an integral part of our marketing mix”

    Finn Lagun

    Co-founder & CMO

    “Thanks for your work on this, it’s been really impressive and has helped us a lot”

    Layla Soufi

    Partnerships & Business Manager

    “Go Up improved our Google Search Engine visibility for competitive keywords, resulting in an increase in enquiries and sales. Their SEO service offers a mix of research, technical knowhow, UX, content marketing and online PR. A brilliant agency and highly recommended.”

    Daniel Patel

    Recruitment Director

    “Working with Go Up has been a joy! Their excellent knowledge and diligent approach has resulted in some excellent improvements on our sites across all metrics. Thanks all for your hard work!”

    Dean Laming

    Managing Director

    “We have worked with several different SEO agencies the last few years, and all have found that our product has a rather challenging-to-communicate value proposition, but Go Up has stood head and shoulders above the others. Besides being a pleasure to work with, they have delivered to their promises and provided much greater value than any of the others. I have zero hesitation recommending them”

    Mike Nieburg

    VP Business Development

    “In just a short time Go Up has increased our year on year organic traffic by 111% and built a stunning website that we are delighted with. We are very happy with this highly promising start to the campaign and recommend them on this basis.”

    Julia Dowling

    Managing Director

    “At the end of 2018 our organic rankings fell off a cliff. I looked around and spoke to Go Up, who took a couple of days to assess the website. They identified the problem and believed that they could fix it. Within 3 months the site was back to its previous best levels. Since then, both traffic and sales have improved substantially: Organic traffic is up 300% from its previous best point, and sales are up by a multiple of 7 since our previous best. They have been excellent all the way through.”

    Lakh Dollay

    Founding Partner

    “We chose Go Up as our SEO agency for a simple reason: they feature at the top of search results when you’re googling London SEO agencies! They have backed this up by becoming a key partner for us and have delivered excellent results that have surpassed our own expectations – our number of organic visitors has grown by 219% since we started working with them. Great ability to combine an on-point strategy with quality service, we consider them to be a key part of the team.”

    Richard Simpson

    Chief Operating Officer

    “We would like to thank you and everyone at Go Up for being so helpful over the past year! The service your team has provided has been excellent.”

    Matt Mullen

    Content Manager

    “To date the principal drive of the campaign has been on increasing organic traffic to one of the website’s core sections. In just a short period of time there has been an approximately 97% year-on-year increase in organic traffic to said section.”

    Ollie Hypolite-Bishop

    Digital Communications Manager

    “We have had a great experience with Go Up from the start. They have done what they set out to do, making a real difference to our business by substantially improving our online visibility.”

    Pete Bennett

    Former CEO

    “I cannot recommend Go Up more highly. They set ambitious targets, and promised to achieve these targets whilst adhering to Google Webmaster Guidelines. I am delighted to say that they have hit these targets. We are now one of the most search visible companies in the UK in our field.”

    Rufus Hirsch

    Managing Director

    “Go Up provides phenomenal service and I am comfortable recommending them to anyone that asks. They have taken us from search invisibility to being one of the most search visible companies within the Virtual Reality production field. They are always excited about what they do, and this is shown in the results. A great agency.”

    Solomon Rogers


    “We recommend Go Up as a committed, motivated and effective search marketing agency. We have seen a considerable increase in organic traffic since the outset of the campaign. This has resulted in a significant increase in enquiries and sales.”

    Timothy Block


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