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    We use our wealth of digital marketing expertise to help our fintech clients profit.

    From digital tax specialists and online payment providers, to corporate spend management companies and mobile-first banking businesses, we have built relationships with fintechs across the finance industry. This know-how of what works in fintech SEO makes us the ideal partner to drive your finance business forward.

    As one of London’s leading SEO agencies, we’re well-versed in helping fintechs achieve high search visibility. Content marketing tends to be a key component of this, and our experienced content team pen pieces that can resonate with all kinds of audiences. This is typically combined with our fintech PR and UX design services, which boost visibility and improve a website’s visual appeal, among other advantages.

    Regardless of whether you require our full range of services or a more focused strategy, Go Up delivers bespoke campaigns for fintechs of all sizes, no matter if you’re an established giant of the finance world, a small startup, or in between.


    Igniting success: unleashing Inpay’s global payment domination

    How did we do it?


    Outranking the British Film Commission and UK Government websites for a core product

    How did we do it?


    Boosting Brand Awareness and Trust through a strategic digital PR campaign

    How did we do it?

    Trusted by Companies Leading the Fintech Revolution

    Our expertise lies in establishing our clients as industry thought leaders and strategically positioning their brands at the forefront of trending topics


    Case Studies

    Applying the right resources to the right campaign


    Igniting success: unleashing Inpay’s global payment domination

    See how we did it


    An 833% increase in total number of keywords ranking on page 1 in the first 12 months

    See how we did it


    Boosting brand awareness and trust through a strategic digital PR campaign

    See how we did it


    Igniting success: unleashing Inpay’s global payment domination

    See how we did it


    An 833% increase in total number of keywords ranking on page 1 in the first 12 months

    See how we did it


    Boosting brand awareness and trust through a strategic digital PR campaign

    See how we did it

    Our approach to SEO for financial services

    Every fintech digital marketing campaign is different, however, we always follow the steps below to get the most out of our partnerships:

    Initial consultation

    The starting point of any potential partnership is an initial discussion. This gives us and a prospective client the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with one another, and establish their goals for a campaign.

    Regardless of whether it’s conducted via email, a phone or video call, or an in-person meeting, each consultation is complimentary and confidential.

    We will then thoroughly examine their project brief, enabling us to gain deeper insights into the brand and its core values, with the goal of starting the campaign as quickly as possible.

    Research & Analysis

    Performing comprehensive research into each one of our clients’ businesses, target audiences and search landscapes is crucial to a successful finance marketing campaign.

    From undertaking extensive website audits to pinpoint any problems that could be thwarting progress, to performing consumer research to learn how potential customers are searching for our client’s products or service online, we extract hard data to harness going forward.

    All of this allows us to create the most effective, results-oriented campaign for our fintech clients.

    Implementation & Refinement

    By using data so extensively, we’re able to quickly and accurately gauge things like content performance and changes in searcher behaviour on our client’s website, enabling us to adapt the campaign if required.

    However, even when we achieve goals like securing first page visibility for relevant search terms, that doesn’t mean the job is over. We’ll frequently monitor how users interact with that page to work out if there are any further opportunities to convert users.

    Put simply, complacency isn’t something we accept at Go Up.

    Why should you choose Go Up?

    Resting on your laurels can be disastrous in the fast-moving world of search engine optimisation, and is something Go Up will never do.

    Search engines’ algorithms are constantly evolving, leaving little time for agencies to catch up. However, at Go Up, our genuine love for search marketing guarantees that we always remain ahead of the game, ultimately benefiting our clients.

    Add into the mix our excellent communication practices that streamline the intricacies of SEO, plus our team’s knowledge of and interest in the finance industry, and it’s no wonder we remain so popular among fintechs.

    Fintech Marketing and SEO FAQs

    How does Go Up like to work?

    At Go Up, we don’t want to be just another fintech marketing agency you outsource to. We look to become an extension of your team, fully invested in your success.

    To achieve this, we delve deep into your business, immersing ourselves in your values, vision, target audience, and industry. This comprehensive understanding enables us to develop customised strategies that meet your precise needs and actively play a role in your growth.

    Our relationship is far from one-sided, and we actively seek to cultivate a collaborative environment where your insights and expertise hold immense value. By combining your industry knowledge with our digital proficiency, we can deliver outstanding outcomes for your brand.

    Are there any fintechs you won’t work with?

    Go Up’s ethos is to do good work for good people, meaning we aim to partner with businesses that are actively making a difference in the world — sustainably-speaking or otherwise.

    When it comes to fintech and financial services SEO, we therefore avoid working with companies that may be considered exploitative, such as payday loan businesses, for example. If you’re unsure whether you’d be a good fit for us, we’re happy to clarify things for you — just get in touch.

    How much do fintechs typically pay for SEO?

    How much a fintech like yours pays for SEO depends on various factors, including the scope of the project, the current state of your website and your competition.

    What we can tell you sure is that Go Up has some of the most competitive pricing around. Don’t believe us? Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation, where we’ll likely be able to give you a ballpark figure.

    Our experts

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    James Barber

    Head of Strategy

    Cecilia Redondo-Zaratiegui

    Head of UX

    Oliver Stainforth

    Head of Content & PR

    Goncalo Assuncao

    Senior SEO Strategist

    Alca Kara

    Senior Account Manager

    Sam Moffatt

    Senior Account Executive

    Kazuma Shimizu

    Account Executive

    Olivia Bennett

    PR Account Director

    Pippa Woodruff

    PR Manager

    Fenella Breaks

    Senior PR Executive

    Hanna Farhan

    PR & Content Intern

    Sophie Harding

    PR & Content Intern

    Kat Francis-Duma

    Senior PR & Content Executive


    Barketing Manager


    Petwork Technician

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