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    An 833% increase in total number of keywords ranking on page 1 in the first 12 months

    Campaign highlights
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    833% – the % increase in total number of keywords ranking on page 1 in the first 12 months

    The Brief

    Adsum joined Go Up with a new website, a unique value proposition and a challenge in finding the right organic search audience to introduce it to. When Go Up first partnered with Adsum, the site was new and lacking in authority. At the same time, the site was small, offered little product clarity and had no keyword visibility beyond branded interest.

    The Solution

    The strategy was rooted in the creation of dedicated landing pages that imagined the complex Adsum offering within specific contexts that are commonly searched for. These pages and the content strategies created around them were designed to both inform and intercept relevant users. Go Up’s strategy has enabled Adsum to get in front of relevant searches and seamlessly introduce searchers to a product solution they didn’t know existed.

    The Results

    In addition to outranking the British Film Commission and UK Government websites for a core product, Go Up some key results of this campaign were:

    • 833% – the % increase in total number of keywords ranking on 1st page in the first 12 months.

    Keywords moved to the first page of search results:

    • vat refund hmrc (unranked before)
    • VGTR (position change +27)
    • film tax credits (unranked before)
    • tax credit loan (unranked before)

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    "Go Up improved our Google Search Engine visibility for competitive keywords, resulting in an increase in enquiries and sales. Their SEO service offers a mix of research, technical knowhow, UX, content marketing and online PR. A brilliant agency and highly recommended."

    Daniel Patel

    Recruitment Director

    "We have worked with several different SEO agencies the last few years, and all have found that our product has a rather challenging-to-communicate value proposition, but Go Up has stood head and shoulders above the others. Besides being a pleasure to work with, they have delivered to their promises and provided much greater value than any of the others. I have zero hesitation recommending them"

    Mike Nieburg

    VP Business Development

    "We would like to thank you and everyone at Go Up for being so helpful over the past year! The service your team has provided has been excellent."

    Matt Mullen

    Content Manager

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