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    Why You Should Share Your Content By Email

    As one of the largest mediums in the world, email is still one of the best ways to share your brand’s content. If it isn’t already, you should make this part of your marketing campaign. Here’s why.

    16th December 2016


    Email subscribers are also 3x more likely to share your content on social media

    Unless you’re an industry leader or huge news platform, the content on your site isn’t going to travel to your readers all by itself. Sure, you might get some clicks from customers navigating around your site, but blogs aren’t likely to make it into search results all by themselves.

    As one of the largest mediums in the world, email is still one of the best ways to share your brand’s content. If it isn’t already, you should make this part of your marketing campaign and this is why.

    Email marketing increases your content’s reach

    Whether you have content being created by an SEO agency or have a marketing team regularly writing up answers to customer FAQs for your blog, you’ll have some kind of new content worth sharing with your customers.

    If you’re working with an SEO agency, you many know how important optimised content is. Optimised content is both good for your website overall and can work well for your email marketing. It also means your marketing team won’t have to spend time creating content, just sharing it.

    An email marketing campaign is then a natural fit. By sharing your monthly or quarterly content with your email subscribers, you can dramatically increase the reach of your content. A greater reach means more chance of engagement on your site.

    Email subscribers are also 3x more likely to share your content on social media, compared to other sources. That further increases the reach and longevity of your content by getting them to do the sharing for your brand!

    Email marketing has a great ROI

    Email marketing has an ROI of around £28 for every £1 spent

    Return of investment (ROI) is all important for business owners and their marketing campaigns. The more you make, the more you can spend on bigger and better marketing. As email marketing has an ROI of around £28 for every £1 spent, the potential for valuable conversions from your content is high.

    Finding such a significant engagement base and a strong cost efficiency is rare. And it’s also often difficult to quantify due to a limited ability to track conversions from other marketing sources like social, PR and print.

    Reliable and consistent click throughs to your content and your site from your email marketing is a trustworthy way of ensuring your retaining a loyal audience. And if your content is great too, you users are more likely to stay subscribed to your emails.

    Customers prefer to get your promotional content by email

    72% of users prefer to receive promotional content by email, compared to social platforms. While your marketing team doesn’t always need to be making the hard sell with email marketing, it can be a great way to share you promotional materials – like new offers or products/services.

    Make sure your marketing team aren’t just posting promotional material every time, but when they do, make sure they are including calls to action.

    While users are already 6x more likely to click through from an email to your site, by adding a call-to-action button in your content or email newsletter, instead of a text link, you can further increase you chance of converting by 28%.

    Content and email both have huge potential for increasing your brand awareness and sales individually. So naturally it makes sense to combine them for maximum effect. Whether you’re got an SEO campaign on the go, a marketing team working hard in house, or both, email marketing makes for a great way to marry the two together and get your content seen by all the right potential customers.