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    Google SpamBrain

    13 June 2023

    SpamBrain is a clever machine learning system that uses AI to help Google in its fight against link spam. It was released in 2018, but is subject to constant updates by Google. For instance, the SpamBrain 2022 update made SpamBrain much more effective at catching link spam. As the SpamBrain algorithm is updated, it improves its ability to catch spam. Its release in 2018 saw one the biggest ever improvements in Google’s ability to do this. However, that was just the beginning. In 2022, SpamBrain caught 200 times more spam than it did in 2018!

    The program can spot spam right at the moment that the spam is crawled. If it sniffs out a page that’s spammy, it instantly helps to shut the door to that content, so that it doesn’t sneak into Google’s search index. That doesn’t mean that no spam can make its way into Google’s search results. It still can and does, regularly. However, it does mean that it has become much, much harder for spam to slip through the net and marks a serious milestone in Google’s continuous fight against web spam.