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    Social Media Optimisation

    Social media optimisation is sometimes referenced alongside search engine optimisation, suggesting that there are strong parallels between the two services.

    31 January 2023

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    In reality, any good social media campaign is by nature a form of optimisation as it entails developing and implementing a media strategy that ensures maximum reach and visibility.

    In that sense, no additional deliberate effort should be required to optimise a social media campaign — it is simply effective or it isn’t.

    Social media and SEO

    The impact of a strong social media profile on a website’s rankings has been speculated, debated and tested in the SEO world since platforms like Facebook and Twitter rose to prominence.

    While Google is not forthcoming on the exact impact that social metrics have on website rankings, we do know that there tends to be a clear correlation between strong social presence and good search rankings.

    Considering that the same factors that attract social engagement tend to attract high quality backlinks (which we know for sure have a positive impact on rankings), this makes a lot of sense.

    So should you run a social media campaign to boost your website’s rankings?

    The answer, surprisingly, is not always yes for all companies. We discuss this in this evergreen blog post.

    However, if you’re already running a quality digital marketing campaign and your agency is producing high value content for your site, it could make sense to dovetail this with a social campaign to ensure your content is amplified across as many platforms as possible.

    We suggest your talk to your SEO agency to see how social media can be best leveraged to improve your website’s presence in search.