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    Designer Glasses

    A 700% increase in online sales since the start of the SEO & Digital Marketing Campaign

    Campaign Highlights
    Designer glasses


    300% increase in organic traffic since the SEO campaign started

    700% increase in total sales


    The Client

    The website is the UK’s oldest online designer glasses store. They supply their customers with an amazing range of designer glasses at the most competitive prices, backed by exceptional levels of service.


    Campaign Goals

    • Increase non-branded organic traffic
    • Revert rankings back to pre-Medic levels (July 2018)
    • Increase brand visibility on SERP layout

    The Challenge came to Go Up to restore their organic keyword rankings as they had been heavily impacted by Google’s core “Medic” and “YMYL” updates in August 2018.

    Designer Glasses organic keywords

    To help reclaim their rankings and lost organic traffic, a solution was required that would:

    • Regain the site’s trustworthiness,
    • Improve the overall quality of the content on the site.

    The website sold over 30 designer glasses brands, alongside 1000s products. The content across the brand pages was considered low quality and the product pages were heavily reliant on keyword stuffing. In addition to this, the metadata for all the brand and product pages signalled missed opportunity.

    We believed that the lack of informational content and unoptimised metadata on the site was a key reason why had become a victim of the “Medic” and “YMYL” updates.

    The Solution

    1. Optimising the brand pages with informational content and FAQs curated by keyword research:

    Designer Glasses optimised copy scaled

    2. Marking up the brand pages with relevant schema to ensure search engines understood the purpose of the content, as well as enabling rich SERP results:

    Tiffany glasses serp

    3. Optimising the metadata for all of the products and brand pages in a phase by phase approach:

    Designer Glasses Metadata

    4. Creating an onsite blog content plan driven by keyword research to ensure that the site is part of relevant, traffic-driving discussions.

    5. Creating concepts for high-quality backlinks to point towards key areas on the site.

    The Results

    The website had its keywords restored to pre-Medic levels within 3 months of the campaign start date. The site also enjoyed an all-time high year-on-year increase of 300% in organic traffic and most importantly, recorded a 700% increase in sales.

    Organic keywords:

    Designer Glasses organic keywords

    Organic rankings snapshot:

    Organic rankings snapshot

    Organic traffic:

    Designer Glasses organic traffic

    Non-Branded Traffic:

    Non-Branded Traffic

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    "At the end of 2018 our organic rankings fell off a cliff. I looked around and spoke to Go Up, who took a couple of days to assess the website. They identified the problem and believed that they could fix it. Within 3 months the site was back to its previous best levels. Since then, both traffic and sales have improved substantially: Organic traffic is up 300% from its previous best point, and sales are up by a multiple of 7 since our previous best. They have been excellent all the way through."

    Lakh Dollay

    Founding Partner

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