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    Migration management that spotlighted high performance keyword rankings and improved homepage traffic

    Campaign highlights


    200% increase in organic traffic

    80% increase in page visibility

    The Challenge

    Pre-migration, Petainer approached Go Up in order to solve a number of problems across their website and to supercharge enquiries, with the end goal to improve conversions through organic search. Petainer is a sustainably-led manufacturing company that produces circular products that can be collected, reused or recycled by manufacturers – such as beer kegs.

    The Solution

    Design, development and SEO teams worked together to craft a unique campaign that focused on increasing organic leads to sales enquiries.

    By de-cluttering and creating a new navigation system and creating a mega menu with imagery for each product category, user journey was significantly improved across the site and user experience was enhanced.

    Petainer menu update

    Pre-migration, Go Up ensured that existing pages that needed to remain on the site were carried over via query redirect mapping. Meanwhile, new URL structures were created to aid content siloing, and to make sure that they were conveying the correct message to both users and search engines, and as a form of natural keyword targeting. Post-migration goals inspired pre-migration actions by making sure that core search pages were optimised and remained prominent when the site launched, for example by providing recommendations on header tags and on-going consultancy.

    The Results

    Just three months after the migration fixes and site changes, Petainer experienced a 200% increase in organic traffic to key transactional pages.

    • Several key search terms, such as plastic preforms, gained page 1 visibility for the first time
    • Further key search terms experienced sizeable visibility gains with jumps from position 70 to position 2 and page 10 to page 2
    • In first three months, the Petainer website experienced a 200% increase in organic traffic to homepage

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    "We recommend Go Up as a committed, motivated and effective search marketing agency. We have seen a considerable increase in organic traffic since the outset of the campaign. This has resulted in a significant increase in enquiries and sales."

    Timothy Block


    "We chose Go Up as our SEO agency for a simple reason: they feature at the top of search results when you’re googling London SEO agencies! They have backed this up by becoming a key partner for us and have delivered excellent results that have surpassed our own expectations – our number of organic visitors has grown by 219% since we started working with them. Great ability to combine an on-point strategy with quality service, we consider them to be a key part of the team."

    Richard Simpson

    Chief Operating Officer

    "Phenomenal progress… It’s very exciting to see search become such an integral part of our marketing mix"

    Finn Lagun

    Co-founder & CMO

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