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    Improving presence in organic search and substantially increasing traffic from search

    Campaign Highlights
    Rewind case study



    The client

    Rewind is a creative agency and digital production studio based in London that specialises in virtual reality and creative production for experiential events.

    The brief

    We were hired to improve organic traffic, with clear transactional intent, to the Rewind site.

    The Campaign

    Start date: Oct 2015 – present

    Our team began by focusing on onsite optimisation, particularly improving focus and topical relevance. This optimisation is ongoing.

    This was later coupled with selective link building and content creation.

    The Results

    When we started working with Rewind the website was attracting virtually no traffic from search because its key pages were not ranking for any of their services.


    Rewind graph

    Over the course of 12 months we worked with the Rewind team to improve presence in organic search and substantially increase traffic from search.

    KeywordSearch VolumePosition Oct 2015Position Jan 2016Position Apr 2016 Position Nov 2016
    vr production70211173
    virtual reality production402051
    virtual reality agency408352
    vr production company40211283
    vr production companies4025303
    vr agency3030962
    virtual reality companies london2014159
    virtual reality agency london105542
    virtual reality production companies104817143
    virtual reality production company101311103
    virtual reality production studio101573
    virtual reality video production1023217
    cgi post production102
    360 degree video production104

    *The rankings listed above are based on national visibility at the time. Rankings are taken on a selected date during the month indicated, usually at either the start or the end of the month. These figures are meant to provide an indication of improvements in search visibility. Different locations and different days within the month may show slightly different rankings.


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    "Go Up provides phenomenal service and I am comfortable recommending them to anyone that asks. They have taken us from search invisibility to being one of the most search visible companies within the Virtual Reality production field. They are always excited about what they do, and this is shown in the results. A great agency."

    Solomon Rogers


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