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    Migration management, landing page optimisation

    Campaign Highlights
    banham case study thumbnail


    33% increase in organic traffic YOY in burglar alarm page

    68% increase in organic traffic YOY in alarm topic


    Founded in 1926, Banham is a prestigious security company. Offering products which are meticulously designed, crafted and installed, their dedication has resulted in awards from the security industry as well as the Metropolitan Police. On March 7th 2019, Banham went live with a new website that revitalised the brand’s digital image.

    Key aspects of the migration

    • A new URL structure and a reduction in the amount of copy across the board. This led to a decline in visibility for key products post-launch. As part of a remedial strategy, Go Up tackled the burglar alarm page first.

    Post migration SEO goals

    • Restore visibility for “burglar alarm” related search terms
    • Encourage clicks within the burglar alarm topic

    The Challenge

    We had the following challenges:

    • The site redesign reduced the amount of content on key ranking pages.
    • Our remedial strategy had to retain the aesthetic appeal of the new design, and retain the character of the revised brand voice
    The challenge banham

    Prior to the redesign and URL structure reshuffle, the Banham site had a dated aesthetic but ranked well for a number of competitive terms. The domain also already had a healthy backlink portfolio that included natural mentions from strong and relevant publications. At the same time, Banham had optimised and content-rich product and service pages.

    While the backlinks would continue to provide value, as a result of the carefully planned migration to the new design and site structure, the sitewide content was going to be significantly reduced.

    Migration management and monitoring

    The immediate result was a drop in visibility for key areas of the site – which is to be expected during the fluctuation that site migration s often bring. However, these deteriorated results persisted for the next two months. That meant we had to take action.

    See our previous case study for Banham »

    The Solution


    In SEO, there can be a temptation to lead activities and strategies based on general trends and commonalities from successful SEO campaigns. Simply put, in SEO there are some accepted facts that you could easily assume are going to have a major steer on website performance. In this case, we saw product-centric and keyword-rich content was both reduced and replaced with more emphasis on the brand. In other words, there was less keyword density and less topic-related content.

    SEO alarm bells are ringing! But should they?

    This was not just a redesign; it was a migration to an entirely new URL structure.

    • This means keyword density and content-depth are two moving parts within a far more complex mechanism that has suddenly shifted on other key factors including URL structure, HTML5, speed, structured data and so on.
    • In this case, the other key factors were deemed to be satisfactory. In fact, they were more satisfactory than the site’s previous incarnation

    Testing the theory

    New page vs old page by key factors:

    The new burglar alarm page is clearly less rich than its predecessor. Additionally, it appears less relevant and has fewer topic-relevant linked pages. We can see some clear shortcomings and can start planning how the new burglar alarm page might look.

    Testing the theory table 1
    Testing the theory table 2

    Copy optimisation

    Strategic keyword enrichment of existing copy (example):

    Copy optimisation table

    Working with opportunities presented by new modular design; looks good, sounds good:

    We added these elements to the page:

    Our recommended page by key factors:

    Recommended key factors table 1
    Recommended key factors table 2

    The Results

    All-Time Best Rankings For Alarm-Related Keywords

    Best time for alarm related keywords

    …And A Bonus For A Linked Page Within the Topic

    Linked page within the topic

    Organic Traffic To Page /burglar-alarms/

    +33% Organic Sessions YoY

    Organic traffic to topic 1

    Organic Traffic To Topic /burglar-alarms/+

    +63% Organic Sessions YoY

    Organic traffic to page

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    "Go Up has been proven to be a valuable and capable SEO partner. Since the commencement of the campaign we have experienced a steady growth in our organic traffic in the range of 17% – 20%* year over year, and an equal increase in rankings for our main keywords."

    Lucie Banham


    "Go Up has been proven to be a valuable and capable SEO partner. Since the commencement of the campaign we have experienced a steady growth in our organic traffic in the range of 17% - 20% year over year, and an equal increase in rankings for our main keywords. They offer a holistic approach ranging from content marketing to technical SEO and always go the extra mile to deliver great results. They are highly recommended."

    Georgios Karmpoulonis

    SEO & Content Marketing Manager

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