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    Our client, MN2S, was named as one of the top 10 global winners of Google’s December 2020 core update by Sistrix

    Campaign Highlights
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    Our client, MN2S, was named as one of the top 10 global winners of Google’s December 2020 core update by Sistrix, one of the most reliable data companies who track Google’s search results. This gained coverage in the influential SEO news website, Search Engine Land.

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    The client

    MN2S approached Go Up as a global talent booking agency, music distributor and label management company.

    The brief

    MN2S sought an SEO agency to partner with in order to grow traffic levels, improve engagement and diversify its share of voice in organic search results.

    The Campaign

    Technical optimisation

    The MN2S site we inherited was large and populated with content that had been published for several years, and gone through several iterations of design changes. We understood there was a clear need for an in-depth analysis to uncover whether the site’s content growth through various redesigns, involving changes to URL structure and information architecture, had created technical issues that could render it ambiguous to a search engine.

    Our auditing process revealed significant room for improvement. We found and solved a large number of crawl issues such as:

    • 4xx status codes
    • 3xx status codes
    • Duplicate URLs
    • Indexable URLs that should be non-indexable
    • Lack of structured data usage (in this instance, there were specific schema types we were aware of that could be used to positive effect)

    The net result was an improvement to Google’s ability to crawl the site without encountering issues, enhanced user journeys through the site and restoring broken backlinks.

    With a site seeing as much content growth as MN2S, it was essential to run technical analyses on a regular basis (as well as stay on top of developments in Google Search Console).

    Content optimisation

    The MN2S site came with significant existing content opportunities to unlock. Guided by content pruning exercises, we were able to make vital changes to the site’s content makeup which would simultaneously achieve some of the following objectives:

    • Identify and update previously top-performing content with new information and restore position 1-3 visibility
    • Identify and consolidate duplicate and near-duplicate content to create more useful pages that answers the user’s intent
    • Identify areas for growth where strategic content production would both fill a content gap for the website and provide better answers for users looking for specific information (based on SERP analysis)

    UX & CRO

    With MN2S seeing a steady trajectory of increasing numbers of ranking keywords and organic traffic, we set our sights on improving engagement, user experience and ensuring a mix of potential conversion opportunities.

    Our design team collaborated closely with the MN2S team and created new designs for the booking category pages, the most valuable pages on the site. Each page provided a dense list of talent and it was growing more dense by the day. Our design team envisaged a solution that would both reduce load time and improve UX.

    Other UX, CRO and design input was focused on user task completion. Using data from Google Tag Manager to measure events, we were able to make recommendations which had immediate results.

    Read the interview with the campaign’s account manager to learn more about how we did it.

    The Results

    The SEO campaign created results that have gone from strength to strength, most recently hitting the milestone of being recognised as one of the top 10 global winners in Google December 2020 algorithm update. This has been covered by Sistrix, a leading data provider on Google rankings, and Search Engine Land, an SEO news website.

    Google core update Dec 2020
    MN2S organic keywords

    Organic Conversions

    MN2S organic conversions

    Organic traffic improvement to select category

    MN2S organic traffic improvement to select category

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